Smuts Memorial Fund


Smuts Memorial Fund

Jan Smuts

The Smuts Memorial Fund was established after the death of Jan Christiaan Smuts, Prime Minister of South Africa and Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, for the advancement of Commonwealth Studies in the University.

The Fund is managed by a Board of Managers, which meets termly.

Cambridge Scholarships

The Smuts Fund and the Cambridge Commonwealth, European & International Trustannually fund up to two international students on PhD courses.

A successful applicant:

Each scholarship will be awarded for three years, and will pay the University Composition Fee and an annual stipend sufficient for a single person. The scholarships are tenable at any College within the University of Cambridge.

For further information please contact either the Fund Administrator [email:] or the Cambridge Trust (email:


Commonwealth Lecture Series

The Managers fund a biennial series of four lectures offered by a distinguished practitioner, which address topics of interest in Commonwealth Studies. The lectures are organised in conjunction with a department or faculty in such a way as to be integrated into that institution's own teaching plans.



The Smuts Managers contribute towards the funding of the Royal Commonwealth Society/Centre of South Asian Studies Librarian. Rachel M. Rowe is the current Smuts librarian.


Library Grants

In June of each year the Smuts Managers invite selected Cambridge libraries to apply for funding of up to £1000 for purchases in the field of Commonwealth Studies.

See 'Library Grants' for more information.


Professor of Commonwealth History

The Chair has been held by a list of distinguished academics. Current Smuts Professor, Professor Megan Vaughan, was appointed in 2003. Professor Vaughan is also a Manager of the Smuts Fund and Director of the Centre of African Studies until 30 September 2011.


Research Grants

This new type of grant replaces what were previously known as study and project grants. The Smuts Managers consider applications termly with the deadline for applications being 1st October, 1st January, 1st March. Research Grants are available to departments conducting projects in the field of Commonwealth Studies, and graduate students and senior members of the University who would like financial assistance when carrying out research or study that contributes to the advancement of Commonwealth Studies. For further information, please see the relevant documents.


Research Associates

The Smuts Managers contribute towards the funding of Research Associates in the Centre of African Studies and the Centre for South Asian Studies. These are three year research posts which are advertised by the Centres when the posts are available.

The current Smuts Research Associate at the Centre of African Studies, appointed in 2012, is Dr George Karakwaivanane.

The current Smuts Research Associate at the Centre for South Asian Studies is Dr Devika Singh.


Visiting Fellowship in African Studies

For information about the Smuts Visiting Fellowship in African Studies, please see the Centre of African Studies website.


Visiting Research Fellowship at Wolfson College

The Smuts Memorial Fund also elects one or two Smuts Visiting Research Fellows a year, in association with a Visiting Research Fellowship at Wolfson College, to come to Cambridge to study for 9 months.

See 'Visiting Research Fellowship at Wolfson College' for more information.